A Book of All The Forgotten Super Foods 

super foods.

The Lost Superfoods print book contains 126 superfoods that saved countless lives throughout history. It includes the superfood that saved the US from starving during the Great Depression, the long-lasting bread of the 1800s developed by the Cree tribe of Canada, the superfood that saved Leningrad during WW-II siege,  the superfood from the American civil war times, the superfood that saved Europe from the black plague, the superfood popular in the Ottoman Empire, the potato super food that saved an entire village of Swedish farmers in 1869 during the period of heavy avalanches, the superfood adopted by the Royal British Navy at the end of the 17th century that saved them from scurvy, and 126 such superfoods.

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The Lost SuperFoods

This massive 271-page print book is full of inexpensive and long-lasting survival foods and preservation methods you won’t read or hear about anywhere else. You can see here 126 superfoods that you can store without refrigeration for years. The most amazing aspect is that this superfood requires only the ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. This lost survival food knowledge is so organized that anyone, even people with absolutely no prior cooking or stockpiling experience can follow it. Everything is explained in a clear, precise, step-by-step fashion, using colored pictures and easy-to-follow instructions. You will also find the exact nutritional values for each superfood. The main author of this book is Art Rude. His own study of wild west and world history as well as keeping in close contact with survival experts helped him to write this master piece.

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