Ideal Way to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Weight loss. A woman with her baby. ideal way to lose weight after pregnancy.

What is the ideal way to lose weight after pregnancy and when can you start exercising after delivery? For most pregnancies, gaining weight is to be expected. During pregnancy, in addition to babies’ weight, your scale will also reflect various factors like increased fat, increased fluids, increased blood, increased breast tissues, etc. All these factors add up to an average weight gain of 15 to 40 Pounds during pregnancy. The exact weight gain varies from person to person.

The average weight of babies born in the United States is 7 pounds to 7.5 pounds. This means you should knock off about 10 pounds before you even leave the labor room.

There are many changes taking place in your body when you are pregnant. After delivery, your body needs time to go back to your pre-pregnancy state.

Within a few days after giving birth, loose ligaments in your body start to tighten back up. Your uterus begins to shrink, and your extra blood and fluid volume decreases. After about a week postpartum, you will lose the majority of the “delivery weight”.

After you leave the hospital, don’t jump into major physical activity right away. Your doctor will definitely advise you not to carry anything heavier than about 10 pounds. This advice will be more restrictive if you had a cesarean delivery.

Let us discuss different exercises that you can do to lose weight after pregnancy.

When you are feeling comfortable, probably soon after you get home from the hospital, walking can help refresh your mood and get you back into shape. Begin with a short walk down the street. You can lap around an indoor mall if it’s cold outside. Take your time and don’t go for a long walk at first.

This is the one exercise you should start soon after giving birth. As soon as it is not painful to do, you can start this pelvic floor exercise. This exercise can help heal perineal tissues which are stretched during delivery.

Core Strengthening
It’s true that pregnancy will stretch out your belly. A month after natural delivery (longer after cesarean), your doctor may clear you to start working on reconditioning your core. Ideal core exercises in the postpartum period include crunches, planks, and bridges.

Strenuous Exercise
Regarding strenuous exercise, it is better to avoid running, weightlifting, and generally sweat-inducing exercises until at least one month after delivery. Don’t start out where you left off. Start yourself slowly.

Along with the above exercises, remember to follow a well-balanced diet, stress management techniques, and a healthy lifestyle.

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