What is Thrive Diet: Overview, Benefits, and Details

Weight loss. A bowl of various fruits which are cut into small pieces. what is thrive diet.

What is thrive diet? Thrive diet focuses on raw, vegan foods. It was Brendan Brazier, a professional athlete, who designed this diet. The foundation of the thrive diet is to focus on eating raw ingredients instead of processed, fatty foods. The goal is to eat nutritious food in its natural form.

The thrive diet claims to:

  • Help you in your weight loss effort.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Improve energy level.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar level.

Switching to a new diet may take some time. Your body may need to adjust to the new diet practice. Listen to your body and eat accordingly. Sometimes you may be perfectly okay with mainly raw foods routine or you may do better with a split between raw and cooked food. There is no strict rule. However, do your best to go with raw foods. But you can cheat for a meal here and there.

According to data, most people who follow thrive diet commit 75% of their eating plan to raw food. For others, this figure stands between 50% to 75%.

One of the chief qualities of raw food with respect to weight loss is its filling effect. Due to this, it is harder to overeat if you follow thrive diet. Also thrive diet is nutrient-rich, at the same time low in calories. Because of these reasons, you can eat thrive diet foods without measuring or counting. Above all, from an overall health perspective, thrive diet is ideal.

There are a few minor risks associated with this diet. Though fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, it is still possible to have nutrient gaps in your diet. You must eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to fill in nutrient gaps.

If you don’t take dairy products you have to take leafy greens that are rich in calcium. If you don’t eat meat, you must take beans and nuts that are rich in protein.

Some medical professionals have the opinion that this dieting practice is not sustainable in the long term. You should consult your doctor before starting to thrive diet.

Tips: When combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, you can maximize the benefits of thrive diet significantly.

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